Uncle Sal’s Wine List & Menu

wineUncle Sal’s wine list offers 111 selections with 20 offerings by the glass. The list is broken down with 37 whites and 74 reds, with imports outweighing the domestic selections 57 to 54. The white wines are predominately domestic and carry 50% of the category, with a 25% share for each Italian and Global varieties. Red wine allotment is divided into roughly 42% Italian, 47% Domestic and 11% Global.

Great pride and care was taken in compiling our current list. Our inventory consists of 1300 bottles on hand at all times. Our white wines are stored in two places. Upon delivery they are rotated between our three climate controlled glass-front reach-ins within an office area, and 2 units of the same at our bar. This temp is maintained at 48-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Red wines go directly into two built-in, 350 bottle, two door wine cabinets which maintain climate-controlled temperatures of 56-58 degrees Fahrenheit.

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