Find Oro Di Milano Beers in Scottsdale


Uncle Sal’s Italian Restaurant is pleased to offer crafted beers from Italy. Oro di Milano® beer has been created with exclusive recipes, inspired by brewing tradition and refined by expert Brew Masters. Oro di Milano® breaks into the market with high profile products, able to satisfy the highest expectations in terms of taste and quality.

The accurate selection of raw materials, an efficient plant and the best control of all brewing processes are key requirements to getting a product that conquers the hearts of beer lovers.

Oro di Milano® is strictly brewed in Italy; it’s fresh and absolutely natural. It’s the finest blend of pure water and selected barley malt and hops. The craft production process generates a very fragrant and tasty beer, rich of sophisticated smells and after-tastes that caress the palate and charm at every sip.

Oro di Milano® products are packaged in 33/75cl glass bottles in order to meet all the different consumption occasions.

Puro Malto: Lager, Alc. 5.1% by Vol.

puro-maltoOro di Milano® PURO MALTO is a low fermentation blonde beer with an intense straw color and alcoholic content around 5,1%. It strikes with the intense and pleasant malt flavor and persistent hops smell.

Oro di Milano® PURO MALTO is a fresh and light beer, very easy to drink and versatile for combinations, with a pleasant and refined flavor. An “uncommitting” but still sophisticated choice.

Suggested combinations:
Appropriate for an aperitif, it’s also fine to be combined with classic italian starters, pasta & pizza, cold cuts and mozzarella, fried sea food and grilled meat dishes.

Doppio Malto: 
Premium Ale, Alc. 6.5% by Vol.

doppio-MaltoOro di Milano® DOPPIO MALTO is a refined double malt specialty by Oro di Milano® mill.
The valuable malt obtained from selected barley lends a peculiar intense golden color to this beer. Honey and caramel flavors caress the palate until the last sip.

Suggested combinations:
Oro di Milano® DOPPIO MALTO is a well structured beer and can be combined to rich entry courses, middle maturation salami and cheese, red meat dishes. Excellent with chocolate desserts.

Riserva Speciale: Brown Amber Ale, Alc. 8.2% by Vol.

Riserva-SpecialeOro di Milano® RISERVA SPECIALE is the highest brew expression of Oro di Milano®. It is a double malt beer with a captivating amber color, full taste, persistent spicy and liquorice flavors and a perfect balance between body and alcohol.

Suggested combinations:
Oro di Milano® RISERVA SPECIALE can be very well combined to rich and structured courses. It can be approached to strong and old matured cheese, salami and roasted red meat. Great combination with seafood and shellfish too. It’s the best meditation beer as well.